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UF1 Post Race Interview – 2013 Winter Series Race 3

UF1 Post Race Interview – 2013 Winter Series Race 3

Podium Interviews
Drivers: Lee Passehl (1st), Tyree Phillips (2nd), Tony Neisinger (3rd)

Lee Passehl
Driver: Lee Passehl
Q: Congratulations Lee on an excellent day of racing. You’re the first driver in the Series to score a perfect 302 points for the day. I also see that you switched over to the TOP Racing Rebel chassis. Do you think that this chassis is the main reason for the day’s outcome?
A: Yes! I do believe the car gave me a boost in this race. It handled really well, was very smooth, had a lot of corner speed and rotated awesome. The car was easy to drive which allowed me to be more aggressive, while still trying to concentrate on my consistency which in my opinion is the key to achieving success in this series. With so many great drivers in the field every week, you must be consistent (no major mistakes) and hope that your effort to do so was better than your competition’s. It truly is a great experience running against all of these great drivers. It’s the only way to squeak out a point or so on the likes of my racing partner Ron Schuur, Dave Berger, Tony Neisinger and the list goes on. Ron Schurr was a big help in setting up the car for me. I thank him for that. He is what every team mate dreams of having as a race partner.

Q: Your teammate, Ron Schuur, is also running the Rebel. Do you feel this car has the potential to be the dominant car in the UF1?
A: If people can figure out how to set up the new TOP Rebel, I think it will be a very fast car and could be a game changer for many racers. The car turn:)

Q: Not only have you taken the lead in the Driver’s Championship, but Team Patron-Honda has also moved into first in the Constructor’s Championship. This puts a bullseye on you and puts extra pressure on the team. Will you guys continue to be in attack mode or try and settle in and retain the lead?
A: It really is nice to be in front and have both the Driver’s Championship lead as well as the Team Championship. As I said above, I’m enjoying the “moment” for as long as it lasts. “Settle in”? You’re a funny man! I absolutely love the fact that you have to go all out every moment you are on the track starting with qualifying. You just don’t know who you will be swinging it out with from lap to lap and main to main. So may guys can bring it at any time. Ball’s out for 50 whole minutes in one race day, three fifteen minute mains? 15 MINUTE MAINS! I’m in heaven!! Thanks Tony for having the insight in adding this element to the UF1 Series. It makes it that much more “unique” to any other racing I’ve been a part of. I’d have to say that this is the most exciting race series I’ve been a part of. I look forward to every race!

Tyree Phillips
Driver: Tyree Phillips
Q: Great job today, Tyree. Nice to see the TRG up on the podium. I know the last couple seasons the car has shown promise but was never quite there. Do you think you’ve finally found that TRG sweet spot?
A: Thanks, it was a great points day and I feel the car is close. There is a little more work to be done before I’ll be happy with the chassis. Working with the factory in Japan allows good exchange of ideas, so we’ll get where we need to be.

Q: If I’m not mistaken, you’re the only driver running a TRG car in this series. It certainly looks quite a bit more exotic than all the rest, but it obviously works. Do you think this ‘over-engineered’ design could be intimidating to most UF1 drivers?
A: Not really. The TRG-112 has torsion bars in the rear instead of links and springs, and in the front, both links are independently adjustable for camber and caster, allowing the user the ability to make infinite adjustments. If you’re using an adjustable front arm set up on your F104, you have the same basic adjustments. The only odd thing is the angled servo cradle, which also allows bump steer and Ackermann adjustments. The double damper is very smooth, uses one actuation point, and allows for infinite fluid combinations. If you like a fully adjustable car, the TRG-112 will work for you.

Q: You’ve recently teamed up with Steven Jackson. It’s only been one race so far, but how are things going in the Marlboro Mercedes camp?
A: Things are going quite well and I’m thankful for this opportunity with Steven. We have a good exchange of information and Steven is running a couple of bits I’ve manufactured! It’s a bummer that we did not start the season together. If we had, team Marlboro Mercedes would be in second, only 12 points behind in the Constructor’s Championship.

Tony Neisinger
Driver: Tony Neisinger
Q: Solid performance today, Tony. I see you’re getting used to the rubber tires on carpet; quite a change from a 1/12th scale on foams, I’m sure. Do you practice at all with a 1/12th scale to prepare for the series, or is it all F1 at this point?
A: Thank you. I also participate in the Winter Series at TQ R/C Raceway running 1/12 and WGT which helps a little, but almost all the preparing for UF1 is based on the practicing with the F1 car.

Q: You’re one of the top contenders in the series, but still an independent. Have there been any offers to join a team or are you content being on your own?
A: I was asked to be on a team before the series began and I really would have enjoyed running with a team, but unfortunately there is a really good chance I will not be able to participate in many of the events of this UF1 Winter Series and I would feel terrible for my team mate if that is the case.

Q: We’re at the half-way point in the series and you’re currently sitting 39 points out of the lead. Lee has been on fire lately; is there a sense of urgency to start making a move to the front?
A: I just enjoy running this great series and try to go for the win anytime I am racing. Lee has always been one of the fastest drivers and works hard at it. It is good to finally see him get some good runs in this series.

Once again, 3 strong performances from 3 of the top drivers. Good luck to you 3 on January 5th…let’s see some more awesome racing!

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