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UF1 Post Race Interview – 2013 Winter Series Race 2

UF1 Post Race Interview – 2013 Winter Series Race 2

Podium interviews
Drivers: Steve Jackson (1st), Tony Neisinger (2nd), Aaron Lane (3rd)

Steve Jackson
Driver: Steve Jackson
Q: How do you like the new 3 minute qualifying/15 minute mains events? Does is seem to be a benefit to have more track time during the race?
A: I love the new format. Qualifying is so tight. There’s more strategy with 15 races. Nothing like this in electric racing.

Q: You pulled in 293 points in Round 2, tying with Tony Neisinger. How does it feel to be able to hang with a multi-time 1/12th Scale World Champion?
A: It feels really good to be competitive against TN and drivers like your self. It’s really tough and I live for the challenge every round.

Q: You recently teamed up with Tyree Phillips. This seems to be a good match as both of you sit 6th and 7th overall in the standings. Are there any team orders involved since both of you are so close in contention?
A: Tyree is a really cool guy and he ask me to team up with him for the winter series shortly after commenting to Panda. After things didn’t work between Panda and my self Tyree was the logical choice . There are no team orders but I know we will both help the other driver to try and win this series.

Tony Neisinger
Driver: Tony Neisinger
Q: Obviously you’re a seasoned driver, having 3 1/12th Scale World Championships under your belt. How does it feel to be back racing F1 cars? Do you think your 1/12th scale background gives you an advantage?
A: Thank You. It sure is fun running the realistic looking F1 cars. The new F1 cars are very similar to the newer 1/12 pan cars. The main differences are the feel of running on rubber tires and driving traffic with the exposed tires.

Q: After a broken car in R3 of Race 1, you’ve recovered nicely and are sitting in 5th place overall. Are there any racing rituals involved to clear your head and get you back on track?
A: Any time I have an incident on the track I just evaluate what might have caused the incident, whether it was an error on my part, a racing incident, or a track situation which I usually walk out to that part of the track to view up close. I just make a mental note after that evaluation to make sure it does’t happen twice.

Q: Fifteen minute races are almost twice as long as you’re used to with 12th scale, not to mention the cars are probably a little less dialed than the foam-tired pan cars. Any strategies involved to keeping it between the boards for that length of time?
A: As for the longer races, that is why I have always favored 1/12 racing in the past because it was usually twice as long as any other type of electric racing. Even though I didn’t race nitro cars as much, I still enjoyed racing nitros even more because the shortest main events are about 15 minutes long and can be as much as one hour long for the biggest events such as the World Championships. The fifteen minute F1 heats are just that more enjoyable and fit just great with my driving style. The main stategy for me is keeping the car and tires consistent for the entire 15 minute run.

Aaron Lane
Driver: Aaron Lane
Q: Congratulations on another 3rd place finish. They say consistency wins races; are you content with keeping this pace or is there a plan to step it up and take an overall victory?
A: I am incredibly competitive and put a ton of effort into all of my racing programs. I am very appreciative for people like my dad, Mike from Exotek, and other sponsors for all of their help in getting me some of the best equipment out there. I’d love to take overall victories in the series! I am still quite new to carpet racing and this type of qualifying/racing is so close. It just hasn’t been my day yet. I have some changes set in place that will hopefully get me to the front of the field for the remainder of the series.

Q: It seems odd that you are still driving as an independent. Would you rather drive as an independent or are you open to a team ride?
A: I was hesitant because I didn’t want to commit to a team and then not be able to attend all of the races. But now that I am addicted to the UF1 series I am definitely interested in racing for a team.

Q: You race a lot outside of the UF1. Does that racing help you adapt to the shorter qualifying/longer main events?
A: Racing in UF1 is nothing like racing outside of the series. My primary focus in the RC industry is electric off-road. Main events for off-road are a mere 5 minutes. After the first 5 minutes of a UF1 main I have to put more focus on my car because normally my race has finished. I think racing in the UF1 helps me in off-road by forcing me to be consistent, drive clean lines, and smooth throttle input.

Another great showing boys…keep up the good work!

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