27 F1 and 9 LM on the First Race Day

First race of the 2012 Winter Series had 27 F1 cars spread out over 3 mains and a full LM main of 9 cars. What a great turnout! Torrance dropped off a Tech box so we can easily check 190mm width. Thanks dude. There was an overwhelming demand to have two pits stops back, so we modified the rules to have one mandatory pit within the first 5 minutes and a 2nd after the 5 minute mark. I like this actually. Reme ...

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2012 Winter Series Begins

As the summer winds down and the weather starts to cool, it's time to go inside and start the 2nd Annual Winter Series. Only one minor change to the F1 specs will be 190mm maximum width so we can accommodate the new 3Racing Sakura FGX. Not sure if this chassis is ready to take on the established Tamiya F104, but it's sure going in the right direction of scale looks that Tamiya and HPI will have to answer. I ...

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2011 Season Over… Another One in the Books

Congratulations Hiroyuki Kasuya! You are the 2011 UF1 Champion! Hiro had to work today but came in just to wrap up his Championship needing only 15 points. He collected 18 points in the first round and went back to work. Craig Hammon, the 2010 UF1 Champion came in 2nd place overall. Mike Rydwell comes in 3rd. We had 21 Realistic cars today spread out over 3 Mains and 8 "Open" cars. I'm always amazed to see ...

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2011 UF1 Summer Champion – Hiroyuki Kasuya

SERIES STATS Wins: 4 Podium Finishes: 4 Pole Positions: Races Attended: 7 Who did you feel was your biggest competitor this season? Well, it was Mike R in the beginning for sure as he was leading the pints, but after I took the lead it was definitely Cuda. I knew he is one of the fastest guys in open class and he was earning points very consistently. Speaking of consistency, you Charles Lightfoot were a big ...

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Grand Premio De Catalunya

18 Realistic F1s and 5 Open cars today; great turnout. Traction started very loose in the AM with a light drizzle, but soon warmed up and the sky cleared to a nice warm sunny day. Cuda accomplished 53 laps in a 10:01 in the "Open" class while Hiro hit 49 in a 10:01 for "Realistic" class. Both of these guys got maximum points. We had a no rush program and finished up around 3PM. Hiro only needs 15 points at ...

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Monte Carlo

Cuda and Tony both dominate their classes at Monte Carlo under very difficult conditions. Heat, low traction, 11 turns per lap for 10 minutes comes out out to one turn every 1.33 seconds average. Mike drops to 4th place with a bad day in the realistic class. Tony, Torrance and Tim all move up, while Doug drops down as a no show today. And a great job by Dennise Lyman in his highly modified chassis kicking b ...

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