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2012 UF1 Summer Champion – Tony Phalen

SERIES STATS Wins: 4 Podium Finishes: 7 Pole Positions: 2 Races Attended: 8 Congratulations Tony on winning the 2012 UF1 Championship. Arguably one of the toughest seasons so far not only with the talent pool growing but with a controversial scoring system that brutally punished the driver for mistakes and required 100% attendance if you wanted to fight for the championship. But as the saying goes, " The cr ...

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2012 UF1 Winter Champion – Mike Kennedy

SERIES STATS Wins: 3 Podium Finishes: 5 Pole Positions: 2 Races Attended: 7 Congratulations Mike on winning the 2012 UF1 Winter Championship... It was obvious that your biggest competitor was your own team mate Tony Phalen... How was it pitting with your rival? It was great. We would constantly feed ideas to each other. Our cars are very similar, yet react a little different. What if any changes did you do ...

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2011 UF1 Summer Champion – Hiroyuki Kasuya

SERIES STATS Wins: 4 Podium Finishes: 4 Pole Positions: Races Attended: 7 Who did you feel was your biggest competitor this season? Well, it was Mike R in the beginning for sure as he was leading the pints, but after I took the lead it was definitely Cuda. I knew he is one of the fastest guys in open class and he was earning points very consistently. Speaking of consistency, you Charles Lightfoot were a big ...

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2011 UF1 Winter Champion – Lee Passehl

SERIES STATS Wins: Podium Finishes: Pole Positions: Races Attended: Thanks Charles, and Sean for the awesome UF1 Series we ran at TQ Raceway these past few months. What a great group of guys to race with. I haven't had this much fun racing in a long time! It was a blast watching everyone step up their game as the weeks went by. I think every racer who participated in the series walked away as a much better ...

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2010 UF1 Champion – Craig Hammon

SERIES STATS Wins: Podium Finishes: Pole Positions: Races Attended: Tamiya F103 #84095 Super soft rears #84096 HBR Medium fronts 5000 35C Lipo Novak GTB speedo Spektrum 2.4 Radio Everything set to 100% BUT, I like drastic expo on the steering response and the throttle response i.e. lots of steering wheel movement with minimal wheels movement and lots of trigger throw with little motor speed increase. Have t ...

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